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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art Destinations...Santa Fe, New York... Fort Collins?

Seems like every where you turn these days, you are hearing or reading something about the Green Movement.  Part of this trend is to encourage people to buy local, play local, support local. Besides the obvious benefits of wasting less gas, energy and time, the real benefit to buying local is supporting the community in which you live. Our community, Fort Collins, is rich with resources. We’ve got great recreational areas, wonderful schools, beautiful neighborhoods, a vital downtown. And we’ve got a community of artists that is second to none. 
When you are thinking about redoing your family room, or finally purchasing the     perfect piece of art for over your mantel, the decision to purchase from a local gallery, as opposed to finding something from Hobby Lobby or Pier One, is a decision that impacts the community in which you live. All of the galleries in Old Town Fort Collins feature the work of local or regional artists. Every dollar you spend purchasing art form local artists benefits the community. It tells the artists "we value you".
Lest you think that the art created by local artists in Fort Collins is somehow “substandard”, the truth is that we have many artists who can’t sell in Fort Collins but have made a great living selling in other areas: Denver, Santa Fe, Taos, New York, Atlanta, Laguna Beach, Oklahoma City and Chicago, to name a few. Their collectors—even those who live in the Fort Collins area, travel to these “art destinations” to purchase their work—and often pay more for the “privilege!”
We’ve taken trips to the “art destinations” and are struck by three things – artists are truly valued, there are LOTS of galleries and it doesn’t take an accountant to be able to figure out that art can – and does – bring a lot of revenue to a city. Take a trip to Santa Fe to see first hand how a thriving art economy brings in art enthusiasts, who spend lots of money buying art, eating at restaurants and staying at hotels.
We’d love to see Fort Collins become an Art Mecca. But first we’ve got to support our artists and galleries, and buy art locally – whether it is art for your home or office. Whether it is an original painting, a sculpture, a limited-edition giclée, a photograph, piece of pottery or a beautiful glass vase – these are all things that can be purchased from a local gallery.  And not only do you end up with a beautiful piece of art, you are helping to grow Fort Collins into an art destination.
That would be good for all of us.

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